The program is now over and was again a success.

  • The CiGri scheduler project lead to an efficient production scheduler, it is currently used on CiGri.
  • The Kameleon tool is currently used by the OAR dev. team, the tool itself is complete, we need to work on making more recipes now.
  • The Fault tolerance project is now packaged and ready to use. Its installation is pretty straight on, but also customizable.

Our students' work is available here.

2009 edition

For this edition of Google Summer of Code, we've received 4 slots for 4 students working on our projects (twice we got last year :-) cool!)

OAR is very proud to be amongst the accepted organizations in particular this year, where we walk alongside the greatest.

This page is intended to ease communication between mentors and students it contains for each project a roadmap, a todo list for students and for mentors, a list of technical stuff to look at, etc.

Projects pages

Mentors directions

For mentors, please take a look at the important steps: Mentoring Startup


You can also see the complete list of our GSOC 2009 proposals below, proposals that weren't selected will probably be submitted again next year.

More general information about Summer of Code, mentors, things that students should know, etc is available on our Google Summer of Code page.

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