OAR TestSuite

A Suite of tests is needed to verify that the installation was successful and that the system works correctly. These tests will also be used as non-regression tests.

  • Installation verification tests:

User should provide some descriptive values for the cluster and its function (number of nodes/cpus/cores used, jobs submitted, etc) and the program(OAR Test Suite) should execute tests for the given values.

  • Performance tests according to desired function:

The work of the student is to implement tests that will experiment all the functionalities of the system through various initial parameters.




  • Linux
  • Perl/Ruby/Bash/Expect
  • Mysql/PostgreSQL


  • Joseph Emeras
  • Yiannis Georgiou


  1. “testsuite in SLURM resource management system”:https://computing.llnl.gov/linux/slurm/programmer_guide.html
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