OAR documentation

OAR's documentation follows the versions of OAR. One is advised to look at the documentation version corresponding to one's installed version of OAR.

Please find the documentation pages for OAR 2.5 at https://oar.imag.fr/docs/2.5

Please find the documentation pages for the latest version of OAR (development branch) at https://oar.imag.fr/docs/latest

If one is still running an old version of OAR (e.g. OAR 2.4), one can look at the old website.

See also the release notes of the OAR versions

See also the man pages of the OAR commands, readable from any terminal.

See also the search function of the website

Please understand that the documentation provided here, even the users documentation, targets administrators of infrastructures using OAR, NOT final users. Since OAR allows many customizations, making any installation very specific (resources definition, job queues and scheduling policies, job admission rules, job types, etc.) users of an infrastructure (e.g. an HPC cluster) managed by OAR are advised to refer to the documentation of their infrastructure, which hopefully provides some more relevant information regarding the usage of OAR in that infrastructure.

Other tips and howtos

External documentation

This section lists documentation of platforms that use OAR as their resources and tasks manager and provides documentation pages for usage of OAR (to their users). Warning: These documentations have platform-specific information, which may not be relevant for other OAR installations (OAR is very customizable !).

Please let us know (oar-users@inria.fr) if you want to contribute to OAR by having the documentation of your platform referenced here as well! It would be very welcome.

Related tools documentation

This section lists some known companion tools for OAR, please feel free to let us know if you wish us to add a tool you develop to that list.

  • Kadeploy3 is an efficient and scalable and reliable cluster deployment tool that can be coupled with OAR (deploy job type)
  • TakTuk is a powerful parallel remote execution tool, which can be used in OAR.
  • Cigri is a lightweight grid middleware designed to run on top of a set of OAR clusters to manage more efficiently large sets of multi-parametric tasks (also called bag-of-tasks).
  • GNU Parallel can run a batch of parallel tasks in an OAR job (more documentation here).
  • Dask-jobqueue (more documentation here).
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