Developing admission rules

The admission rules are executed within the add_micheline_job function of OAR's IO lib. See

The following perl variables can be used in admission rules:

  • $jobType
  • $ref_resource_list
  • $command
  • $infoType
  • $queue_name
  • $jobproperties
  • $startTimeReservation
  • $idFile
  • $checkpoint
  • $checkpoint_signal
  • $notify,
  • $job_name,
  • $job_env,
  • $type_list,
  • $launching_directory,
  • $anterior_ref,
  • $stdout,
  • $stderr,
  • $job_hold,
  • $project,
  • $use_job_key,
  • $import_job_key_inline,
  • $import_job_key_file,
  • $export_job_key_file,
  • $initial_request_string,
  • $array_job_nb,
  • $array_params_ref

Unfortunately, this is not a polished API… and the names of the variables may not give obvious hints of what they are for or want they contains.

Please use the Perl Data::Dumper in your trial and erros coding…

Also, see the following pages for examples:

  • Admission rules section of the customization tips page
  • The examples provided in this page
  • The currently installed admission rules with the oaradmissionrules -S -f command
  • The default admission rules in the sources
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