oarsub notification option

The oarsub command provides an option to send notifications of job events.

Quoting oarsub manual page, the –notify option works as follows:

       --notify <TXT>
           Specify a notification method (mail or command to execute).  Ex:
            --notify "mail:name@domain.com"
            --notify "exec:/path/to/script args"

           args are job_id,job_name,TAG,comment

           TAG can be:
             - RUNNING : when the job is launched
             - END : when the job is finished normally
             - ERROR : when the job is finished abnormally
             - INFO : used when oardel is called on the job
             - SUSPENDED : when the job is suspended
             - RESUMING : when the job is resumed

           By default all TAGs are triggered. It is possible to specify which TAGs must be triggered.  Ex:
            --notify "[END,ERROR]mail:name@domain.com"
            --notify "[RUNNING]mail:name@domain.com"
            --notify "[RUNNING,END,ERROR]exec:/path/to/script args"

Using the exec command, we can setup notification using other means than emails, e.g. xmpp (jabber), …

XMPP notification

We can use the sendxmpp command line XMPP client, to get notification as jabber instant messages.

To do so, we add the following script in our PATH:

# or for gmail:
# MY_ADDRESS="firstname.lastname@gmail.com"
sendxmpp $MY_ADDRESS <<EOF
Job $job_id ($job_name) $TAG on My Cluster: $comment

sendxmpp will have to authenticate itself to a jabber server, with credentials set in our ~/.sendxmpprc (see the manual page of sendxmpprc). We need to have a dedicated jabber user (different from the one we use to get the notification) to send the message, but that's not very expensive.

Assuming that the script is stored in /home/myself/bin/jabber.sh, we can use it with:

$ oarsub --notify "exec:/home/myself/bin/jabber.sh" ...
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