Latest News

  • March 1st 2011: OAR is applying as a mentoring organization for the GSoC 2011


Our organization administrators are Philippe Le Brouster and Joseph Emeras

If you are a student interested in applying for a Google Summer of Code project in our organization, please send any questions you have, projects you would like to propose, etc to our gsoc mailing-list. This will reach all mentors and our Summer of Code organization administrators.

For applying, please make sure you read our information that students should know before you apply.

Warning: we really prefer that you contact us trough the oar gsoc mailing-list than directly, thank you.

Since we receive a lot of emails from students, sometimes we cannot answer immediately, please be patient, we will answer you for sure, every student proposal is important to us.


We are participating to the Google Summer of Code as a mentoring organization for different reasons:

  • As a mentoring organization, we want to support free software contributions in the domain of High Performance Computing and especially in the sphere of the OAR project.
  • It is a good opportunity for us to rethink our roadmap and projects to come
  • Innovative ideas and methods of students interest us highly
  • And we view our GSoC participation as an opportunity to gain future contributors

Summer of Code Editions

  • This year again we will apply as a mentoring organization to the Google Summer of Code. More information on the dedicated GSOC 2011 edition page


  • Bruno Bzeznik
  • Joseph Emeras
  • Yiannis Georgiou
  • Guillaume Huard
  • Philippe Le Brouster
  • Pierre Neyron
  • Olivier Richard

Backup mentors

  • Yann Genevois
  • Derrick Kondo
  • Gregory Mounié
  • Romain Cavagna

What should prospective students know ?

Before you apply

  • Look at the dedicated page for the GSOC 2011 edition.
  • Look at our project ideas to get an overall sense for the kinds of projects we support.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us about the project idea you're interested in.
  • Write a project proposal draft, include a project plan (see below), and send this us.

When you apply

When applying, (aside from the information requested by Google) please provide the following in your application material.

  • Why you are interested in the project, and what do you anticipate to gain from it.
  • A summary of your programming experience and skills
  • Programs or projects you have previously authored or contributed to, in particular those available as open-source, including, if applicable, any past Summer of Code involvement.
  • Be foresighted: Include a full plan of action with your proposal, about one half page of what you're going to do and how you think you will do it, and possibly even what you will do if your initial approach does not work.
  • Include academic references, as links or brief quotes, which back up your ideas. On the other hand, do not include 15 pages of reference materials, summarize.
  • Be Early: Applications which we get on the first day of the application period will get more attention from the mentors, and thus more chance of being accepted, than applications which show up on the last day.
  • Before sending your application to Google, send us your proposal regarding this template.

Finally, register as a student and submit your application to gsoc.

For more information, read the GSOC 2011 FAQ and take a look too at the GSOC 2011 timeline

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