Kameleon: OAR LiveCD and Appliances

We want to have a tool (that will be called Kameleon) whose purpose is to generate OAR appliances or iso image. From now, we already have a script that creates a LiveCD from the debian packages. The student will start from this script will and enhance it:

  • he will provide support for rpm based distributions (thus main rpm based distributions such as Mandriva, Red Hat… will have to be supported) in the script and extend .deb packages to Ubuntu ditros.
  • the output format of the appliance will be choosen by the end user, available format will be:
    • cow image (for use with kvm, virtualbox, xen hvm,…)
    • iso image (LiveCD)
    • a compressed file containing the file system (for use with paravirtualization with Xen for example)
    • tgz archive
  • Support for the cpuset feature

Furthermore, the image generated by Kameleon should be enhanced by automatic configuration of a virtual cluster. For this feature a technology like ZeroConfig could be used. The idea is to be able to boot the image over hosts running on the same LAN (or VPN), and to obtain a virtual cluster (like ComputeMode does, but with virtual or liveCD appliances for each node).

Applications are numerous: local VMs, cluster of virtual nodes, cluster of liveCd nodes, Boinc, Grid5000, Computemode, DSLAB, mixed solutions…



  • Yiannis Georgiou
  • Bruno Bzeznik
  • Olivier Richard
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