Student: Iheb Khemissi

Advisor: Olivier Richard Co-Advisor: Bruno Bzeznik

Student: Things to do before starting

Project's specifications

center|300px| The goal is to develop a library which expose pbs-api (pbs_connect, pbs_submit and so on) to be linked with pbs_drmaa and use oarapi as backend via glib-json and libcurl (for communication layer).

How to start the project

Roadmap (and Timeline)

  • select a DRMAA-C library (pbs_drmaa_1.0 from Fedstage ?)
  • prepare a work environnement (pbs_drmaa-1.0, glib-json, lib-curl…)

TODO list


Achieved Work

  • Conversion of OAR states to DRMAA states (OAR2DRMAA)

thumb|600px|left|Equivalence between OAR_n_DRMAA states

thumb|600px|left|OAR STATES to DRMAA STATES

  • Conversion of DRMAA and PBS attributes to OAR (DRMAAnPBS2OAR)

thumb|600px|left|Translation of DRMAA and PBS attributes to OAR

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