OAR's documentation follows the versions of OAR. One is advised to look at the documentation version corresponding to one's installed version of OAR.

OAR documentation

Please find the documentation pages for OAR 2.5 at http://oar.imag.fr/docs/2.5

Please find the documentation pages for the latest version of OAR (development branch) at http://oar.imag.fr/docs/latest

If one is still running an old version of OAR (e.g. OAR 2.4), one can look at the old web site.

See also the release notes of the OAR versions

See also the man pages of the OAR commands, readable from any terminal.

See also the information provided in the Contribs pages (and/or use the search function of the website)

Important note

Please understand that the documentations provided here, even the users documentation, targets administrators of OAR, but not final users. Since OAR allows many customizations making any installation very specific, users of an infrastructure (e.g. a HPC cluster) managed by OAR are advised to refer to the documentation of that infrastructure (may it be very close or link to the documentation provided here).

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