Status: pre-alpha (demo version) Release date: TBA

OAR 3 is next OAR version. It's a near complete rewritten version of OAR 2.

Main changes and features

  • Same design architecture as OAR2 (based on high level components)
  • Low source line number of code, under 30K (core under 20k)
  • New more scalable scheduler (based on new data structures)
  • Python 3.6
  • Better development tools
  • Unit test


  • Pre-Alpha version: 1Q18 (current target)
  • Alpha version: 2Q18
  • Beta version: TBA
  • Final version: TBA

Demo Version (pre-alpha) (to be complete)

Demo version uses Oardocker

  • First we need a debian9 OAR2 version
oadocker init -e stretch
oardocker build
oardocker install http://oar-ftp.imag.fr/oar/2.5/sources/testing/oar-2.5.8+rc5.tar.gz      
  • Second we can build a OAR3 pre-alpha version
 oardocker init -e oar3-dev
 oardocker start -n 3 -v $HOME/dev/oar3:/data/


For developer

For no live version, only for development you can follow the steps below:

  • Clone the master repository
git clone https://github.com/oar-team/oar3.git
  • Prepare python environment based on 3.6 version and activate it
virtualenv -p python3.6 env3.6
source env3.6/bin/activate
  • Install all dependencies
cd oar3 
pip install -e '.[dev]'
  • Launch tests with coverage, html result is located at oar3/htmlcov/index.html
pytest --cov-report=html --cov-report term --cov=oar

Pre-alpha version

  • All core features are written
  • Scheduling part ready at 90% (fully operational)
  • Need OAR2 installation procedure to function
  • Incomplete CLI, few options available
  • Not all design/architecture choices are fixed
  • Nodes energy saving unfinished
  • Pingchecker unavailable
  • SendMail to user unavailable
  • Test coverage 70%-80%

Alpha version

  • Standalone procedure installation
  • Complete CLI commands with
  • Test coverage 80%-90%

Beta version

  • Version usable by our early adopters
  • Pre-production version
  • Documentation
  • Test coverage >90%
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