This page describe how new release tarball are created from the Git repository. Please have a look at the releasing for the overall process.

If one only wants to publish a snapshot tarball, one can skip the first step, and use the snapshot branch on the archive server.

Tag the new version

The 1st step is to tag the current commit in the repository for the new version

workstation $ git checkout 2.5

Before anything, we pull any last commit from origin, and push our last changes

workstation $ REMOTE=github # or REMOTE=origin
workstation $ git pull --rebase
workstation $ git push $REMOTE 2.5

Then we can safely tag our new version

workstation $ VERSION=2.5.3
workstation $ git tag -s $VERSION -m $VERSION

(For release candidate, we use VERSION=2.5.3+rc3 for instance)

This requires your GPG settings to correctly set in Git: you must use the exact same identity in OAR's Git settings as set in your GPG key (otherwise Git wont find your GPG key).

Once this is done, git describe should return the new version, as follows:

workstation $ git describe 

Generate the tarball

You can now generate the tarball using the make_tarball script:

workstation $ make tarball
Using the Git repository '/home/neyron/scm/OAR/oar'
Using the Git tree-ish   '2.5'

Push the tag to origin

If everything went well so far, you can push the release tag to OAR git repository

workstation $ git push $REMOTE --tags -n
To git+ssh://
 * [new tag]         2.5.3 -> 2.5.3

if the dry-run looks ok, push for real

workstation $ git push $REMOTE --tags
Counting objects: 1, done.
Writing objects: 100% (1/1), 800 bytes, done.
Total 1 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
To git+ssh://
 * [new tag]         2.5.3 -> 2.5.3

Publish the tarball

The before-generated tarball must now be pushed to the archive server (only possible if your SSH key is authorized for connecting to the archive server), in one of the branches: testing or stable.

workstation $ VERSION=2.5.3
workstation $ FTP=ftpmaster@oar-ftp.lig
workstation $ scp ../tarballs/oar-$VERSION.tar.gz \

Generate the checksums:

workstation $ ssh $FTP \
"cd &&
md5sum oar-$VERSION.tar.gz > oar-$VERSION.tar.gz.md5sum &&
sha1sum oar-$VERSION.tar.gz > oar-$VERSION.tar.gz.sha1sum"

If we are releasing a stable version, symlink the files from the testing directory to the stable directory:

workstation $ ssh $FTP \
"cd &&
for f in oar-$VERSION.tar.gz oar-$VERSION.tar.gz.md5sum oar-$VERSION.tar.gz.sha1sum;
do ln -s ../testing/\$f . ; done"

That's it !

Test !

You should now see the new tarball listed in

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