Setup the machine

We setup a VM with a basic installation of Debian Stable (Wheezy).

We call the VM “oar” and setup root's ssh keys.

Create OAR tarball and push it to the VM

neyron@takelma:~$ cd scm/OAR/oar
neyron@takelma:~/scm/OAR/oar (2.5 $=)$ git pull --rebase
Current branch 2.5 is up to date.
neyron@takelma:~/scm/OAR/oar (2.5 $=)$ make tarball
Using the Git repository '/home/neyron/scm/OAR/oar'
Using the Git tree-ish   '2.5'
neyron@takelma:~/scm/OAR/oar (2.5 $=)$ scp oar-2.5.3+9scp ../tarballsoar-2.5.3+94.g6396d49.tar.gz root@oar:

Install OAR

Untar OAR tarball

neyron@takelma:~/scm/OAR/oar (2.5 $=)$ ssh root@oar
root@oar:~# tar xvfz oar-2.5.3+94.g6396d49.tar.gz

Install the Debian packages needed by OAR

root@oar:~# ./oar-2.5.3+94.g6396d49/misc/ 

Install OAR components

root@oar:~# cd oar-2.5.3+94.g6396d49/
root@oar:~/oar-2.5.3+94.g6396d49# make server-install user-install node-install drawgantt-svg-install
root@wheezy:~/oar-2.5.3+94.g6396d49# make server-setup user-setup node-setup drawgantt-svg-setup 

Restart Apache

root@oar:~# apachectl graceful

Setup OAR

Set OAR passwords in oar.conf

root@oar:~# vi /etc/oar/oar.conf

Install OAR database

root@oar:~# oar-database --create --db-admin-user=root --db-admin-pass=oar

Create properties and resources

root@oar:~# oarproperty -a host -c ; oarproperty -a cpu ; oarproperty -a core
root@oar:~# for h in h1 h2 h3; do
> for C in 1 2; do
> for c in 1 2 3 4; do
> oarnodesetting -a -h localhost -p "host=$h" -p "cpu=$C" -p "core=$c"
> done;done;done

To be continued…

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