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RPM packaging

Adapt the spec file

Make sure to update the version (top of the file) and the changelog (bottom of the file) at least.

workstation$ git checkout centos7/2.5
workstation$ git pull --rebase
workstation$ vi rpm/SPECS/oar.spec
workstation$ git add rpm/SPECS/oar.spec && git commit

Generate the rpms (Centos7)

On Debian

You first need to install schroot and to create a schroot-centos.

Then use sbuildrpm:

workstation$ ./sbuildrpm/bin/sbuildrpm rpm/SPECS/oar.spec
OK, everything is now in ../rpmbuild !

If everything goes well, SRPMS and RPMS should be placed in ../rpmbuild/

On RedHat

We only build on Debian. Help yourself.


Push the RPMs to

workstation$ dputrpm ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/oar-2.5.6-1.el6.src.rpm
workstation$ git tag centos6/2.5.6-1.el6 -s -m centos6/2.5.6-1.el6

Git push

If everthing is ok, push to origin

workstation$ git push
workstation$ git push --tags

That's it.

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