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Basic commands



Before copying some package version from one distribution (e.g. sid-unstable) to another (e.g. sid), it might be wise to generate a snaptshot, so that one can still configure a sources.list file providing access to an earlier version of OAR's packages.

The easy way

It the version to snapshot is the current one, then reprepro can do it. Assuming we want to take a snapshot of sid for 2.5.4-1, 2.5.4-1 being the current version of the packages, we create a snapshot named “2.5.4-1” as follows:

$ reprepro -v -b /home/oarmaster/reprepro/oar/2.5 gensnapshot sid 2.5.4-1

One could then put in it's sources.list the following line to have access to the 2.5.4-1 version of the packages, even if they are not the current one anymore:

deb sid/snapshots/2.5.4-1 main

The hard way

If we already copied a new version to the distribution, reprepro gensnapshot is useless. In that case, we have to generate the snapshot by ourselves…

$ export LC_TIME=C
$ POOL=/home/oarmaster/reprepro/oar/2.5/pool/main/o/oar/
$ DIST=wheezy
$ VERSION=2.5.3-3~bpo70+1
$ cd ~/mirror/htdocs/oar/2.5/debian/dists/$DIST/
$ mkdir -p snapshots/$VERSION/main
$ cd snapshots/$VERSION/main
$ mkdir -p {source,binary-i386,binary-amd64}/pool/main/o/oar
$ cat > source/Release <<EOF
Component: main
Architecture: source
$ cat > binary-i386/Release <<EOF
Component: main
Architecture: i386
$ cat > binary-amd64/Release <<EOF
Component: main
Architecture: amd64
$ cp $POOL/oar_$VERSION.{dsc,debian.tar.gz} source/pool/main/o/oar/
$ cp $POOL/*$VERSION{_all,_i386}* binary-i386/pool/main/o/oar/
$ cp $POOL/*$VERSION{_all,_amd64}* binary-amd64/pool/main/o/oar/
$ (cd source ; apt-ftparchive sources . > Sources ; gzip -c Sources > Sources.gz)
$ (cd binary-i386 ; apt-ftparchive packages . > Packages ; gzip -c Packages > Packages.gz)
$ (cd binary-amd64 ; apt-ftparchive packages . > Packages ; gzip -c Packages > Packages.gz)
$ rm -r {source,binary-i386,binary-amd64}/pool
$ cd ..
$ cat > Release <<EOF
Suite: $DIST/snapshots/$VERSION
Codename: $DIST/snapshots
Architectures: i386 amd64
Components: main
$ apt-ftparchive release . >> Release
$ gpg --clearsign -o InRelease Release
$ gpg -abs -o Release.gpg Release

We can then add to our sources.list:

deb wheezy/snapshots/2.5.3-3~bpo70+1 main

Some references

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