Notifications module

OAR is able to send notifications on some events, to the administrator in case of problems, or to the users to notify the start or the end of a job. Those notifications are currently sent by e-mail only. This is not the more efficient way since notifications can generate a lot of email traffic.

We want to build a notifications module able to accept plugins for other types of notification systems. One of the first plugin to create is for XMPP so that administrator and users may be notified in a chat room. Portable devices such as iPhone/iPod push notification services may also be studied.




  • Perl
  • Mysql/Postgresql
  • Network sockets/XMPP protocol under Linux


“XMPP (Jabber protocol)”:

“Apple push notification service”:

“Ebuddy iphone/ipod application (a simple way to have notifications without developping an apple push notification service”:


Grid'5000 UI (need of Grid'5000's account)


  • Bruno Bzeznik
  • Joseph Emeras
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