See original proposal here

Student and mentor ;), please read carefully this page…

Student: Sundeep Kumar Mishra

Mentor: Olivier Richard

Co-Mentor: Romain Cavagna

Student: Things to do before starting

Project Pseudo-Specification


  • Portal should be ergonomic, sober, extensible
  • Use https + basic authentication for simple login
  • 3 kinds of users (anonymous, regular, admin)
  • Integration of iframe (to simple integration of external web page) (see 1rst propotype)
  • History between widget/panel/layout (see 1rst propotype)
  • job submission (use of datepicker, simple timepiker via combo boxes ?,…)
  • Job grids
  • monika/ drawgantt integration
  • oaradmin integration
  • help/documentation integration
  • extensibility (multi-oar, cigri, portal/portlet)
  • processingjs integration (fancy animation, pie chart, plot, bar chart)
  • integration of pie/graph/chart libraries (like
  • user's preferences (need of DB table)

Initial implementation Workplan

Main Milestones

  1. <s>Extjs-3.2.1 version of first prototype with (global layout, iframe, history…)</s>
  2. Job Submission (simple and advance submission)
  3. Display information for one job
  4. Display information for one resource
  5. List of resources
  6. List of jobs
  7. Processing.js integration (for plot, chart, pie chart and other fancy widget and animations…)
  8. oaradmin integration and interactions
  9. Basic authentification support (need some search/test/discussion: interesting page here)
  10. page à la igoogle


How to test poar prototype

  • Use debian_oar_devel appliance built thanks to kameleon. Note: the redir option to have ssh and http access into guest from host
 sudo kvm -m 512 -redir tcp:2222::22 -redir tcp:8080::80 debian_oar_devel.raw
  • Rsync poar directory from host to /var/www/ in the guest
  cd oar_directory/trunk/visualization_interfaces
  rsync -avz --rsh="ssh -l root -p 2222" --delete poar localhost:/var/www
  • Launch browser on poar
  firefox localhost:8080/poar/poar.html

Note: Of course you can put public key to avoid to enter password.

 scp -P 2222 ~/.ssh/ kameleon@localhost:/home/kameleon/.ssh/
 scp -P 2222 ~/.ssh/ root@localhost:/root/.ssh/

How to add //virtual// nodes and ressources on appliance

  • A simple way in running appliance. First add some hostnames in /etc/hosts node1 node2 node3 node4
  • Second add nodes and ressources in oar's DB (2 ressources by node)
  oarnodesetting -h node2 -a
  oarnodesetting -h node2 -a
  oarnodesetting -h node3 -a
  oarnodesetting -h node3 -a
  • One can also use oaradmin command to add ressources

Debuging with firefox

  • Use firebug extension

How to test poar prototype

Weekly Progress Report

24th May 2010-31st May 2010

  • Various Experiments with the design of oar-portal.
  • Experiments with oar-api.

01st June 2010-07th June 2010

  • Coming up with ext-js 3.2 version of OAR-Portal.
  • A prototype with navigator bar + central panel + iframe (to integrate external pages) + history.

07th June 2010-14th June 2010

  • Started working on Job Summary page.
  • Resolving the issues of adaptation of oar-api with grid-extjs widget.
  • Halted due to unavailability of paging facility in oar-api.

14th June 2010-21st June 2010

  • Experimenting Various Designs for Jobs Submission Functionalities(For User Friendliness and looks).
  • Completing some simple options of Jobs Submission and Testing them.

21st June 2010 -27th June 2010

  • Completing Some advanced options of oarsub and their Testing.
  • Off from 25th to 29th due to Marriage of Uncle.

27th June 2010 - 04th July 2010

  • Rest of advanced options of oarsub completion.
  • Job Submission Module Final Integration.
  • All the Options of Job Submission Covered.
  • Testing it for several conditions and analyzing the output.

05th July -12th July 2010

  • Job Submission Module using OAR-API integrated
  • Job lists Module integrated (without pagination)
  • Resource lists Module integrated (without pagination)
  • Job Deletion Module integrated
  • Resource stated Update Module integrated
  • Job list Module with pagination (work going on)

13th July- 20th July 2010

  • Job list Pagination Integrated
  • Raphael.js integrated (with piechart)

21st July - 28th July 2010

  • Integrated page for full information about a job and a resource.
  • Integrated a page like igoogle(namely ioar).
  • A page for help.
  • Commenting the code.
  • Written some part of the documentation.

29th July - 4th August 2010

  • Integrated Resource Pagination
  • In order to provide extensibility divided the into different files
  • Enhanced the readability of code

5th August-12th August 2010

  • Oaradmin Integrated
  • Processing.js integrated
  • Drawgantt chart and Monika integrated
  • Documentation started

12th August- 19th August 2010

  • Documentation Completed
  • FAQ's added
  • Configuration File added
  • A new Processing Chart integrated
  • Partial redraw integrated

TODO list


  • <s>Tips to poar prototype testing</s>
  • <s>Apache configuration and information for basic-athentication issues.</s> Thanks to Bruno's work.


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