The idea here is to allow someone that runs a “timesharing=*,*” job, to run a new job on the resource but with the more restrictive specification: “timesharing=user,*”, if no “timesharing=*,*” jobs are running from other users.

With the semantic of the Digitalis platform where:

  • -t shared ⇔ -t timesharing=*,*
  • -t exclusive ⇔ -t timesharing=user,*

This would allow a user to place a exclusive slot on top of a larger shared slot if he is alone on the machine.

Technical details

Currently, the 4 timesharing specifications are handle at a same level:

  • timesharing=*,*
  • timesharing=user,*
  • timesharing=*,name
  • timesharing=user,name

No hierarchy like timesharing=*,* < timesharing=user,*.

Implementing such a “hierarchical management” in the gantt data-structure mechanisms could allow that feature.

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