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OAR 2.5.9

Release date: 2021-01-11


  • [scheduler] add the SCHEDULER_RESOURCE_ORDER_ADV_RESERVATIONS option, so that the scheduling of advance reservations is not impacted by the current state of the resources (e.g. nodes in standby, current besteffort jobs)
  • [admission rules] add an admission rule to restrict advance reservation inner jobs to use container jobs that are advance reservations as well - [schedulers] fix issues with the scheduling of a inner job before its container
  • [schedulers] waiting inner job in container that vanished are set to error
  • [oarexec] add an option to have inner jobs killed along with their container
  • [oarexec] do not run inner jobs before their container is already running
  • [oarwalltime] make walltime change respect a possibly defined job deadline
  • [oarwalltime] add an option to disable the walltime reduction
  • [oarwalltime] fix oarwalltime the per queue configuration
  • [oarsub/scheduler] fix a bug with the recent Perl max recursion depth limit
  • [drawgantt] show the timezone in the dates
  • [oarexec] fix oarsub shell termination when the job is killed
  • [database] add an index to the resource_log table
  • [oar_resource_add] add support for repairing the resource properties
  • [oarexec] add support to disable the auto-repair of suspected nodes
  • [job_resource_manager/oarsh] add the COMPUTE_THREAD_SIBLINGS option, to let OAR automatically set the HT thread siblings if not set in the hierarchy of the resources with a thread resource, or in the resource cpuset field
  • [job_resource_manager] rework code, support more cgroup subsystems
  • [oarsh] add support to let oarsh create a sub cgroup with either a subset of the cpuset or of the devices in the shell opened on the node. See an example of usage with GNU Parallel in the website documentation
  • [oarsub] add the OARSUB_NODE_EXEC_FILE configuration to run a custom command on the head node of the job before the job shell
  • [oarsub] make oarsub accept the submission of a noop job with no script
  • [oarstat] fix JSON/YAML/XML output when no job to display
  • [oarstat] oarstat -j can now use the OAR_JOB_ID environment variable
  • [oarstat] fix YAML display with the YAML::Syck library

About upgrading

Whenever upgrading from a previous version of OAR, please mind having a look at the configuration file, especially with regard to the need to harden oarsub oarsh vs openssh options. Fresh installs or OAR 2.5.9 will come with a default configuration file that integrates the hardening.

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