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OAR 2.5.8

Release date: 2019-01-04


  • [job_resource_manager] manage nvidia gpu with the cgroup devices
  • [oarwalltime] add functionality to allow changing the walltime of a running job. See the oarwalltime command and oar.conf
  • [scheduler] fix the besteffort + deploy VS adv. reservation case
  • [scheduler] add the state=permissive job type, allowing jobs to be scheduled and run (if noop or cosystem as well only) regardless of the aliveness of resources
  • [oarsub/scheduler] fix warning “Use of uninitialized value $resource_value”
  • [oarsub] fix unknown error message in case of job termination + typos
  • [oarnodesetting] do not kill noop jobs using resources changed to Dead or Absent
  • [finaud] fix: make pingchecker run only on resources of type default
  • [oar-database] fix the privilegies of oar's read only user in PostgreSQL in new installation. For existing database, the following command apply the fix:
    oar-database --fix-ro-user-priv ...
  • [api] some improvement in the Apache configuration and tests
  • [api] added POST /media/force to overwrite a file
  • [api] hardening on the syntax of the URIs (should not impact good URIs!)
  • [drawgantt-svg] add a mark next to the label of the resources pointed by the mouse
  • [drawgantt-svg] fix possible SQL injection with the filters
  • [drawgantt-svg] improve the label_display_regex text replacement mechanism
  • [drawgantt-svg/oarstat] fix past and current moldable jobs display
  • [drawgantt-svg] fix drain display
  • [drawgantt-svg] fix nav_filter with only one option
  • [oar.conf] update SSH options to the one of OpenSSH 7.6p1
  • [oar-database] support –db-is-local (UNIX socket) for MySQL (MariaDB)
  • [oar-node] fix warnings with OAR's sshd configuration
  • [oar-resource-add] fix the auto-offset option
  • [oar-resource-add] add support for creating GPU resources
  • [oar-resource-add] add support to handle the CPU and GPU topologies
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