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OAR 2.5.6

Release date: 2016-02-16


  • [oar.conf] add the SCHEDULER_MIN_TIME_BETWEEN_2_CALLS option
  • [metascheduler] fix a bug with advance reservations when predicted resources must be recomputed
  • [metascheduler] fix a bug with advance reservations with standby start job types (noop/cosystem/deploy=standby)
  • [oar-node init] create /var/run/sshd if needed
  • [oarsub] fix several bugs with the array job submission
  • [oarstat] allow using Perl's YAML::Syck for a quicker YAML output
  • [oarstat] improve performance and information for the –gantt option
  • [oarstat] prettier print of job events
  • [oarnodesetting] optimize grouped operations on resources and add a lock around property changes
  • [oaradmissionrules] fix bug: changing a rule priority does not enable it
  • [oar_resources_init] fix node read from standard input
  • [oarnodecheck] use /var/lib/oar instead of /etc/oar for working files
  • [logs] several cosmetic fixes
  • [api] add colmet extraction function
  • [api] proposed apache configuration now uses a virtual host on port 6668
  • [drawgantt-svg] fix the possibly very long delay when zooming
  • [drawgantt-svg] add forecast buttons + relative start/stop url arguments
  • [drawgantt-svg] rework configuration for the default display
  • [drawgantt-svg] allow displaying resources of type != default
  • [drawgantt-svg] improve support for use as a widget in custom HTML pages (multisite, etc)
  • [monika] fix bugs with recent Perl/Perl CGI versions
  • [monika] fix harmless bug in configuration
  • [visualization] remove overlib.js (license issue), this breaks the legacy drawgantt (which is not supported anymore)
  • [misc] remove some old development codes from sources
  • [misc] fix inconsistent copyrights and licenses
  • [doc] update the installation documentation

Errata / Known bugs

  • The installation page of the documentation (or the INSTALL file in the sources) shipped with OAR 2.5.6 lacks some information about the SSH keys setup for the oar user. The online documentation was updated, please refer to it (SSH setup sections).
  • Externally developed tools using the oarstat –gantt command may need adapting because the output format changes with the improvements which the release provides.
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