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OAR 2.5.5

Release date: 2015-09-07


  • [core] fix deadlock with TRUNCATE in postgresql.
  • [almighty] add SCHEDULER_MIN_TIME_BETWEEN_2_CALLS: the scheduler is launched at max every t seconds (t=5 by default), this avoids the scheduler to cause starvation with regard to the other modules.
  • [scheduler] fix some memory leaks.
  • [scheduler] add a cache to the resources tree computation: improve the scheduler speed by reducing the number of SQL queries.
  • [scheduler] add the expire/postpone/deadline job types to allow specifying constraints for jobs.
  • [scheduler] rename the placeholder job types: now use placeholder/allowed.
  • [scheduler] fix timesharing (adv reservation and *_placeholder schedulers).
  • [scheduler] add an option for noop/cosystem/deploy jobs to start on resources in standby, no wake-up is triggered (requires activating energy saving).
  • [oarsub] implicitly use the jobkey (-k) if the OAR_JOB_KEY_FILE env variable is set.
  • [oarstat] fix accounting display.
  • [oar_resources_init] fix a bug with HyperThreading and improve the user interface.
  • [oar_resources_add] make HyperThreading optional, fix long options and make nicer warning outputs for auto-offset.
  • [admission rules] rewrite the rule for the job type check.
  • [admission rules] fix a oaradmissionrules bug with MySQL when modifying a rule
  • [oar-node] fix the pid file in the init script.
  • [api] add some optimizations and rework the authentication configuration (Apache).
  • [api][drawgantt-svg][monika] fix Apache configuration (Apache 2.4).
  • [drawgantt-svg] new version with aggregation of resources and more.
  • [monika] add thread to the hidden properties.
  • [api] fastcgi config now uses suexec
  • [api] now use Apache environment variables when headers are not available
  • [api] optimization of /jobs query response time (especially efficient for mysql based installations)
  • [api] security fix: HTML outputs which did not break on errors

Errata / Known bugs

  • OAR API setup with fastCGI and suexec is tricky:
    • OAR API could require to be installed in a dedicated virtual host.
    • The suexec module on CentOS requires to change the oar user UID to a number greater than 500
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