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OAR 2.5.4

Release date: 2014-10-25


  • [api] Implemented GET /resources/<property>/jobs to get jobs running on resources, grouped by a given property.
  • [api] Implemented HTTP_X_API_PATH_PREFIX header variable to prefix all returned URIs.
  • [api] Added GET /jobs/<id>/details support.
  • [api] Implemented the ability to get a set of jobs at once with GET /jobs?ids=<id1>:<id2>:<id3>:…
  • [api] BUGFIX: stderr and stdout where reversed.
  • [api] BUGFIX: memory leak in the API when used with FastCGI.
  • [api] Rewritten/commented apache config file.
  • [kamelot] BUGFIX: fix hierarchies manipulation (remove toplevel resource).
  • [accounting] Fixed a memory leak and a rare case of bad consumption count.
  • [almighty] Rewrote the handling of starting and finishing jobs: limit bipbip processes to MAX_CONCURRENT_JOBS_STARTING_OR_TERMINATING to avoid overloading the server.
  • [oarexec] Introduced BASH_ENV=~oar/.batch_job_bashrc for batch jobs Batch jobs with bash shell have some difficulties to source the right bash scripts when launching. Now we set BASH_ENV=~oar/.batch_job_bashrc before launching the user bash process so we can handle which script must be sourced. By default we source ~/.bashrc.
  • [commands] Exit immediately on wrong arguments.
  • [oarsh] Propagate OAR shell environment variables: The users have access to the same OAR environment variables when connecting on all the job nodes with oarsh
  • [job_uid] Removed job uid feature (not used).
  • [job_resource_manager] Use fstrim (for SSD) when cleaning files.
  • [deploy] Do not check the nodes when ACTIVATE_PINGCHECKER_AT_JOB_END is on and the job is of the deploy type (bug #17128).
  • [judas] Disabled sending log by email on errors as this could generate too many mails.
  • [noop] Added the 'noop' job type. If specified, nothing is done on computing nodes. The job just reserves the resources for the specified walltime.
  • [quotas] Added the possibility to make quotas on:
    • the number of used resources
    • the number of running jobs
    • the result of resources X hours of running jobs
  • [runner] Added runner bipbip processes in the bipbip_laucher in Almighty.
  • [database] Replaced field “maintenance” by “drain”. The administrator can disable resources without killing current jobs by:
    • oarnodesetting -h n12 -p drain=YES ; or:
    • oarnodesetting –drain -h n12

WARNING any admission rule using the “maintenance” keyword must be adapted to use the “drain” keyword.

  • [oar_resources_init] Added support for SMT (hyperthreading)
  • [cpuset] The cpuset resources filed is now a varchar. It is now possible to specify several cpu id in the cpuset field as needed in some case where SMT is enabled on nodes, e.g. 1+4+8
  • [oarsub] Added a filter for notifications It now is possible to specify which TAGs must trigger motifications: oarsub –notify “[END,ERROR]” -I
  • [admission rules] Added priority to rules that allows to manage more easily the rules execution order.
  • [admission rules] Added a enable/disable flag to rules to allow activating or deactivating rules without having to comment the code.
  • [oaradmin] The oaradmin rules command is now disabled since it does not handle priority and enable flags.
  • [oaradmin] The oaradmin conf command is disabled.
  • [oar_resources_add] Added the oar_resources_add command to help adding resources and replace the oaradmin resources command.
  • [oaradmissionrules] oaradminssionrules is a new command to manage the oaradmission rules.
  • [oarnodesetting] Removed dependnency to oarnodes.
  • [drawgantt-svg] Various bugfixes and improvements
  • [metasched] If a besteffort job has a checkpoint duration defined (oarsub –checkpoint) then OAR tries to checkpoint it before killing it. It is possible to define a limit of the checkpoint duration with an admission rule ($checkpoint variable).
  • [drawgantt] Drawgantt is not now deprecated (and not shipped with packages)
  • [misc] OAR packaged components do not require Ruby anymore.
  • [oaraccounting] Fix bug reported in Debian tracker #678976
  • [sources] Clean-up some used or unrelevant files/codes
  • [scheduler] change default schedulers to quotax. The default scheduler of the queues default, admin and besteffort is now oar_sched_gantt_with_timesharing_and_fairsharing_and_quotas. The configuration file /etc/oar/scheduler_quotas.conf contains no quota enforcement so the behaviour remains the same as before.

Errata / Known bugs

  • oarnotify –add_queue <…> becomes oarnotify –add-queue <…>
  • If upgrading from OAR 2.5.2 or OAR 2.5.3, you will be exposed to a bug with OAR database schema version which causes oar-database –upgrade to report an error. Please read the page fix for database schema version 2.5.0.
  • If upgrading from a previous version of OAR, apt-get and yum will complain about the oar-admin package which conflicts with the installation of the oar-user 2.5.4 package. This is normal: the oar-admin package must be removed (oar-admin is not compatible with OAR 2.5.4, see the oar_resources_add, oar_resources_init and oaradmissionrules commands instead).
  • [fixed] A bug was discovered regarding the storage of the pidfile of the oar-node service (file /var/lib/.pid instead of /var/lib/ This is harmless.
  • [fixed] A bug was discovered with advance reservations when moldable jobs are used.
  • [fixed] A bug was discovered with OAR database backend (MySQL or PostgreSQL) and the TRUNCATE queries.
  • A bug was discovered when using some long options of the oar_resources_add command. The counterpart short options works.
  • A bug was discovered when modifying admission rules with the oaradmissionrules command, when MySQL is the database backend.

Please note that PostgreSQL is the preferred database backend, for performance reasons. MySQL support will be deprecated/dropped in next versions. Therefore, for new installs, please prefer PostgreSQL.

New packages are released and fix the major issues discussed above (tagged with [fixed]) :

  • Sources: the tarball encompasses the fixes.
  • Debian: the 2.5.4-2 (jessie) and 2.5.4-2~bpo70+1 (wheezy-backports) deb packages encompass the fixes.
  • Centos6: the 2.5.4-3 rpm packages encompass the fixes.
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