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OAR 2.5.3

Release date: 2013-06-25


  • Add the “Name” field on the main Monika page. This is easier for the users to find there jobs.
  • Add MAX_CONCURRENT_JOB_TERMINATIONS into the oar.conf ofthe master. This limits the number of concurrent processes launched by the Almighty when the the jobs finish.
  • Bug fix in ssh key feature in oarsub.
  • Added –compact, -c option to oarstat (compact view or array jobs).
  • Improvements of the API: media upload from html forms, listing of files, security fixes, add of new configuration options, listing of the scheduled nodes into jobs, fixed bad reinitialization of the limit parameter, stress_factor, accounting… See OAR-DOCUMENTATION-API-USER for more informations.
  • CGROUP: handle cgroup hierarchy already mounted by the OS like in Fedora 18 (by systemd in /sys/fs/cgroup) in
  • Bug fix oar-database: fix the reset function for mysql.
  • SVG version of drawgantt: all features are now implemented to replace the legacy drawgantt. Both can be installed.
  • Bug fix schedulers: rewrite schedulers with placeholders.
  • Rework default admission rules.
  • Add support to the oar_resource_init command to generate resources with a “thread” property (useful if HyperThreading is activated/used on nodes).
  • Fix stdout/stderr bug: check the allowed characters in the path given by the users.
  • Fix: the user shell (bash) didn't source /etc/bash.bashrc in batch jobs.
  • Add quota which limits the number of used resources at a time depending of the job attributes: queue, project, types, user (available with the scheduler “oar_sched_gantt_with_timesharing_and_fairsharing_and_quotas”).
  • Add comments in user job STDERR files to know if a job was killed or checkpointed.
  • Add the variable $jobproperties_applied_after_validation. It can be used in an admission rule to add a constraint after the validation of the job. Ex:
        $jobproperties_applied_after_validation = "maintenance='off'";

So, even if all the resources have “maintenance='on'”, the new jobs will be accepted but not scheduled now.

  • Add the oardel option –force-terminate-finishing-job: to use when a job is stuck in the Finishing state.
  • Bug #15911: Energy saving now waits SCHEDULER_NODE_MANAGER_IDLE_TIME for nodes that have been woken up, even if they didn't run any job.
  • Simplify job dependencies: do not check the exit code of the jobs in dependencies.
  • Admission rules: add the “estimate_job_nb_resources” function that is useful to know the number of resources that will be used by a job.
  • oarstat: add another output format that can be used by using “–format 2” or by setting “OARSTAT_DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FORMAT=2” in oar.conf.
  • oarsub: Add the capability to use the tag %jobname% in the STDOUT (-O) and/or STDERR (-E) filenames (like %jobid%).
  • bug #14935: fix timesharing jobs within a container issue
  • add schedulers with the placeholder feature.

Errata / Known bugs

  • The OAR database schema version on a fresh database install is bogus (2.5.0 instead of 2.5.2, yes: 2.5.2), which may prevent upgrade to next version to work out of the box. See fix_for_database_schema_version_2.5.0
  • OAR 2.5.3 tarball ships with the special file “./”, which causes, if uncompressed as root, to change the ownership of the working directory. This is fixed for next releases.


Deb's packages for this version are available with the following apt sources:

deb sid/snapshots/2.5.3-3 main
deb wheezy/snapshots/2.5.3-3~bpo70+1 main
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