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OAR 2.5.2

Release date: 2012-05-23


  • Bugfix: /var/lib/oar/.bash_oar was empty due to an error in the common setup script.
  • Bugfix: the PINGCHECKER_COMMAND in oar.conf depends now on OARDIR.
  • Bug #13939: the and now deletes the user files in /tmp, /var/tmp and /dev/shm at the end of the jobs.
  • Bugfix: in oardodo.c, the preprocessed variables was not defined correclty.
  • Finaud: fix race condition when there was a PINGCHECKER error jsut before another problem. The node became Alive again when the PINGCHECKER said OK BUT there was another error to resolve.
  • Bugfix: The feature CHECK_NODES_WITH_RUNNING_JOB=yes never worked before.
  • Speedup monika (X5).
  • Monika: Add the conf max_cores_per_line to have several lines if the number of cores are too big.
  • Minor changes into API: added cmd_output into POST /jobs.
  • API: Added GET /select_all?query=<query> (read only mode).
  • Add the field “array_index” into the jobs table. So that resubmit a job from an array will have the right array_index anvironment variable.
  • oarstat: order the output by job_id.
  • Speedup oarnodes.
  • Fix a spelling error in the oaradmin manpage.
  • Bugfix #14122 : the oar-node init.d script wasn't executing start_oar_node/stop_oar_node during the 'restart' action.
  • Allow the dash character into the –notify “exec:…” oarsub option.
  • Remove some old stuffs from the tarball:
    • visualization_interfaces/{tgoar,accounting,poar};
    • scheduler/moldable;
    • pbs-oar-lib.
  • Fix some licence issues.

Errata / Known bugs

  • The OAR database schema version on a fresh database install is bogus (2.5.0 instead of 2.5.2), which may prevent upgrade to next version to work out of the box. See fix_for_database_schema_version_2.5.0
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