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 +The goal of this project is to develop wizard tools to facilitate the administration of OAR. We need to provide both terminal-based and web-based wizards. These could be separated into several parts:
 +  *  **Configuration of each OAR component**:​ most of the configuration parameters are stored in the file oar.conf and/or in the oar database. These parameters need to be configured just after the installation. Currently, it is possible to edit the oar.conf file and update the settings in the database by using oaradmin but OAR need a wizard to ease this part of the configuration. These parameters could be regrouped into several categories: the database configuration,​ the core options, the scheduling, the job execution, the resource scheme definition, the tool options, the api options.
 +  *  **OAR resource management**:​ We need to provide an easy way to add/​modify/​remove resources in a cluster. Most of the resources depends on the nodes on which oar-node is installed. After each nodes modifications,​ we need to detect them automatically and propose to the administrator an update depending on the current resource scheme.
 +  *  **OAR system sanity test**: We need to provide a sanity check tool to test if OAR is correctly installed and provide advices to resolve the detected problems. For this we need to test if:
 +    *  the database is accessible with the good rights
 +    *  the nodes are correctly configured (oar posix account accessible, etc.)
 +    *  the programs or the scripts needed by OAR are correctly installed on each host
 +    *  ...
 +=====  Goals of this GSOC project ​ =====
 +  -  Design and implement the wizard to configure each component of OAR by using the REST API.
 +  -  Design and implement the wizard to facilitate the resource management by using the REST API.
 +  -  Design and implement the OAR system sanity check tool.
 +  -  Provide terminal-based and web-based access to theses tools. The web-based wizard must be included in the web portal.
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