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Line 96: Line 96:
 <code bash> <code bash>
-$ export OAR_VERSION=$(head -n1 oar/​debian/​changelog |sed -e '​s/​^.\+(\(.\+\)).\+$/​\1/'​) && echo $OAR_VERSION +$ export OAR_VERSION=$(head -n1 oar/​debian/​changelog |sed -e '​s/​^.\+(\(.\+\)).\+$/​\1/'​) && echo "​export OAR_VERSION=$OAR_VERSION" 
-$ export OAR_CHROOT=$(head -n1 oar/​debian/​changelog |sed -e '​s/​^.\+)\s\+\([^\;​]\+\);​.\+$/​\1/'​) && echo $OAR_CHROOT+$ export OAR_CHROOT=$(head -n1 oar/​debian/​changelog |sed -e '​s/​^.\+)\s\+\([^\;​]\+\);​.\+$/​\1/'​) && echo "​export OAR_CHROOT=$OAR_CHROOT"
 # oar-ftp sshd accepts env variables OAR_* # oar-ftp sshd accepts env variables OAR_*
 $ ssh $OAR_FTP -o SendEnv=OAR_VERSION -o SendEnv=OAR_DIR -o SendEnv=OAR_CHROOT $ ssh $OAR_FTP -o SendEnv=OAR_VERSION -o SendEnv=OAR_DIR -o SendEnv=OAR_CHROOT
 oar-ftp$ sudo sbuild-update source:​$OAR_CHROOT && sudo sbuild-update --upgrade source:​$OAR_CHROOT oar-ftp$ sudo sbuild-update source:​$OAR_CHROOT && sudo sbuild-update --upgrade source:​$OAR_CHROOT
 oar-ftp$ cd $OAR_DIR/​build-area oar-ftp$ cd $OAR_DIR/​build-area
 +# amd64 and sources packages:
 oar-ftp$ sbuild -As -d $OAR_CHROOT --arch amd64 --debbuildopts "-uc -us" oar_$OAR_VERSION.dsc oar-ftp$ sbuild -As -d $OAR_CHROOT --arch amd64 --debbuildopts "-uc -us" oar_$OAR_VERSION.dsc
-if multi-arch: sbuild -d $OAR_CHROOT --arch ​$OTHER_ARCH ​--debbuildopts "-uc -us" oar_$OAR_VERSION.dsc+arm64 packages: 
 +oar-ftp$ ​sbuild ​-A -d $OAR_CHROOT --arch ​arm64 --debbuildopts "-uc -us" oar_$OAR_VERSION.dsc
 oar-ftp$ logout oar-ftp$ logout
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 118: Line 120:
 <code bash> <code bash>
-if multi-arch: mergechanges -f oar_${OAR_VERSION}_*.changes; then replace amd64 by multi, below.+for multi-arch: 
 +mergechanges -f oar_${OAR_VERSION}_*.changes
 # update lintian # update lintian
 $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -t sid lintian $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -t sid lintian
 $ cd build-area $ cd build-area
 $ lintian --pedantic -I -i oar_${OAR_VERSION}_amd64.changes $ lintian --pedantic -I -i oar_${OAR_VERSION}_amd64.changes
-$ debsign oar_${OAR_VERSION}_amd64.changes+$ debsign oar_${OAR_VERSION}_multi.changes
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 143: Line 146:
 <code bash> <code bash>
-$ cd ../​build-area && dput oar_${OAR_VERSION}_amd64.changes+$ cd ../​build-area && dput oar_${OAR_VERSION}_multi.changes
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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