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-====== Contributed tips and howtos ====== 
-//This section aims at gathering additional contributions to the documentation. Those contribution can be written by OAR users for other OAR users. Please feel free to add content by creating and referencing new documentation pages here.// 
-  * [[Using OAR on Debian based systems]] 
-  * [[Using OAR on Redhat based systems]] 
-  * [[Migration from a Mysql to a PostgreSQL database]] 
-  * [[Using Hyperthreading on nodes]] 
-  * [[oar-docker|Building a virtual cluster using Docker]] 
-  * [[oar-vagrant|Testing OAR's installation using Vagrant]] 
-  * [[managing_resources_cpu_gpu|Managing resources (CPU, GPU, ...)]] 
-  * [[wiki:todos:Use OAR Restful API with FastCGI and Ident on CentOS6]] 
-  * [[customization_tips|Some customization tips]] 
-  * [[Example of setup with OAR energy saving mechanism]] 
-  * [[OAR DRMAA interface]] 
-  * [[Some examples of admission rules]] 
-  * [[Multi-cluster with priority]] 
-  * [[Job event notifications]] 
-  * [[How to handle a bigger and bigger OAR database]] 
-  * [[disk_reservation|Coupling disk and compute resources]] 
-  * [[An equivalent to Slurm's srun for OAR]] 
-  * [[About the General Data Protection Regulation]] 
-  * [[Job types|More info on job types]] 
-  * [[CRIU|Using CRIU for the job checkpointing]] 
-//If you are new to dokuwiki, please have a look at the documentation for the wiki syntax, and/or use the [[playground:playground]] for experimenting. 
-Pages referenced here must be in the wiki namespace (page full names prefixed with the “wiki:*” pattern).//  
-====== External documentations ====== 
-//This section lists documentations of platforms which use OAR as their resources and tasks manager, and provides documentation pages for usage of OAR (to their users). 
-**Warning:** these documentations have platform specific information, which may not be relevant for other OAR installations (OAR is very customizable !).// 
-  * Igrida's tutorial: http://igrida.gforge.inria.fr/tutorial.html 
-  * Ciment's tutorial: https://ciment.ujf-grenoble.fr/wiki/index.php/OAR_tutorial 
-  * Grid'5000's documentation: https://www.grid5000.fr/mediawiki/index.php/OAR2_use_cases 
-  * ULHPC's documentation: http://ulhpc-tutorials.readthedocs.org/en/latest/basic/sequential_jobs/README/#exercise-3-advanced-use-case-using-a-java-program-jcell 
-  * OCA's documentation: http://crimson.oca.eu/spip.php?article157 
-//Please let us know ([[oar-users@lists.gforge.inria.fr]]) if you want to contribute to OAR by having the documentation of your platform referenced here as well ! It would be very welcome.// 
-====== Related tools documentations ======  
-//This section lists some known companion tools for OAR, please fill free to [[mailto:oar-users@gforge.inria.fr|let us know]] if you which us to add a tool you develop to that list.// 
-  * [[http://kadeploy3.gforge.inria.fr/|Kadeploy3]] is a efficient and scalable and reliable cluster deployment tool that can be coupled with OAR (deploy job type) 
-  * [[http://taktuk.gforge.inria.fr/|TakTuk]] is powerful parallel remote executions tool, with can be used in OAR. 
-  * [[http://cigri.imag.fr/|Cigri]] is a lightweight grid middle-ware designed to run on top of a set of OAR clusters to manage efficiently large sets of multi-parametric tasks (also called bag-of-tasks). 
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