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Mailing lists

The OAR community exchanges information mainly through two mailing lists


The oar-users mailing list targets users of OAR: people who download, install, administrate and use OAR. Therefore, members are typically admins of platforms managed with OAR, but also simple OAR users who care about non-platform-specific (i.e. generic) questions. To receive annonces about new OAR versions, participate to discussions, and so on, please subscribe to the oar-users@ mailing list.


If you're interested in the development of OAR, please also subscribe to the oar-devel@ mailing list.

Development team

Core OAR-team members:

  • Bruno Bzeznik
  • Nicolas Capit
  • Vincent Danjean
  • Salem Harrache
  • Michael Mercier
  • Pierre Neyron
  • Olivier Richard

Former members:

  • Philippe Lebrouster
  • Joseph Emeras

To contact the OAR team for research projects or partnerships, please contact Olivier Richard or Pierre Neyron.

Research projects

OAR is developed within the following research projects:


OAR developement is mainly sponsored by Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble, France.


And the following research institutes and universities.

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