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 +**The OAR project has not been selected for 2011 GSoC edition.**
 +OAR is applying to GSoC 2011 as a mentoring organization.
 +  * This year we will take benefit from the new arrival of 3 new engineers working on the OAR sphere to improve our participation to the program.
 +  *  After 3 participations to the GSoC, we're ready to help and provide advices to the new mentoring organizations and student participants. ​
 +  *  This year, like the last year, the projects are often linked together, and we want our students to communicate with each other via our mailing-lists.
 +===== Projects pages =====
 +For now, we propose the following subjects for the GSOC 2011:
 +  * [[GSOC_Proposal_Appliances | Appliances]] //Making appliances (images) of pre-installed OAR configurations (Devel, Live, High Availability,​...)//​
 +  * [[GSOC_Proposal_Installation_Wizard | Installation and Configuration Wizard ]] //A step by step wizard to ease the OAR installation process//
 +  * [[GSOC_Proposal_ComputeMode_NG | ComputeMode Next Generation ]] //A technology refresh for ComputeMode heading toward cloud infrastructures//​
 +  * [[GSOC_Proposal_Web_Portal | Web Portal ]] //A web interface for users and administrators,​ built over the REST API, and with Ext JS 4 and processingjs //
 +  * [[GSOC_Proposal_Scheduling | Scheduling Variations ]] //​Development of new scheduling optimizations//​
 +  * [[GSOC_Proposal_Node_Resource_Isolation |  Node Resource Isolation ]] //An enhancement of the cpuset support, using the Linux cgroups//
 +  * [[GSOC_Proposal_Web_Portal_SmartPhone | SmartPhone and Tablet support for the web portal]] //A web interface for users and administrators,​ built over the REST API, for smartphones and tablets//
 +===== Mentors directions =====
 +For mentors, please take a look at the important steps: [[GSoC_Mentoring_Startup | Mentoring Startup]].
 +Keep in mind the [[http://​socghop.appspot.com/​document/​show/​gsoc_program/​google/​gsoc2011/​timeline|GSOC 2011 timeline]].
 +**More general information about Summer of Code, mentors, things that students should know, etc is available on our [[Google_summer_of_code | Google Summer of Code]] page.**
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