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 +We've been officially accepted by Google to participate to the "​Google SoC 2008": http://​code.google.com/​soc/​2008/​. ​
 +You can see our organization information at: http://​code.google.com/​soc/​2008/​oar/​about.html.
 +Be aware that the interns application deadline is "March 31st": http://​code.google.com/​opensource/​gsoc/​2008/​faqs.html#​0.1_timeline.
 +If you are interested in one or several of our offers, please contact us as soon as possible. ​
 +Mentor contact:
 +  *  Olivier Richard: Olivier.Richard@nospam@imag.fr
 +  *  Yiannis Georgiou: Yiannis.Georgiou@nospam@imag.fr
 +  *  Joseph Emeras: Joseph.Emeras@nospam@imag.fr
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