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   * Check compute nodes before launching   * Check compute nodes before launching
   * Epilogue/​Prologue scripts   * Epilogue/​Prologue scripts
-  * Activity ​visualization tools (Monika)+  * Jobs and resources ​visualization tools (Monika, Drawgantt)
   * No Daemon on compute nodes   * No Daemon on compute nodes
-  * rsh and ssh as remote execution protocols (managed by Taktuk)+  * SSH based remote execution protocols (managed by [[http://​taktuk.gforge.inria.fr|TakTuk]])
   * Dynamic insertion/​deletion of compute node   * Dynamic insertion/​deletion of compute node
   * Logging   * Logging
   * Backfilling   * Backfilling
   * First-Fit Scheduler with matching resource   * First-Fit Scheduler with matching resource
-  * On demand OS deployment support with [[http://​kadeploy3.gforge.inria.fr]] coupling+  * On demand OS deployment support with [[http://​kadeploy3.gforge.inria.fr|Kadeploy3]] coupling
   * Grid computing support with [[http://​cigri.imag.fr|Cigri]]   * Grid computing support with [[http://​cigri.imag.fr|Cigri]]
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