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 ====== News ====== ====== News ======
 +===== Quick and dirty update to the documentation =====
 +Our documentation is not in good shape, and sometimes outdated. We added some missing commands to it (e.g. ''oarwalltime'', ''oarprint'') so that they get to be known. Please mind reading the manual pages of the OAR commands (with ''man'' !), which are generally more up to date. Also your help would be very welcome: OAR is an open-source project, feel free to open an account on this website and request a **[[contacts#how_to_contribute|contributor]]** access.
 + --- //Pierre Neyron for the OAR-team  2020/02/26//
 ===== OAR 2.5.8 in Debian 10 and Debian 9 backports ===== ===== OAR 2.5.8 in Debian 10 and Debian 9 backports =====
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