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-OAR's documentation follows the versions of OAR. 
-One is advised to look at the documentation version corresponding to one's installed version of OAR. 
 +<WRAP center round important 70%>
 +Please understand that the documentations provided here, even the **users documentation**,​ targets administrators of infrastructures using OAR, **NOT final users**.
 +Since OAR allows many customizations,​ making any installation very specific (resources definition, job queues and scheduling policies, job admission rules, job types, etc.) ** users of an infrastructure (e.g. an HPC cluster) managed by OAR are advised to refer to the documentation of their infrastructure**,​ which hopefully provides some more relevant information regarding the usage of OAR in that infrastructure.
 ====== OAR documentation ====== ====== OAR documentation ======
 +OAR's documentation follows the versions of OAR.
 +One is advised to look at the documentation version corresponding to one's installed version of OAR.
 **Please find the documentation pages for OAR 2.5 at [[http://​oar.imag.fr/​docs/​2.5]]** **Please find the documentation pages for OAR 2.5 at [[http://​oar.imag.fr/​docs/​2.5]]**
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 See also the man pages of the OAR commands, readable from any terminal. ​ See also the man pages of the OAR commands, readable from any terminal. ​
-**See also the information provided in the [[wiki:​Contribs]] pages** (and/or use the [[http://​oar.imag.fr/​start?​do=search&​q=what?​|search]] function of the website)+**See also the [[http://​oar.imag.fr/​start?​do=search&​q=what?​|search]] function of the website** 
 +====== Other tips and howtos ====== 
 +//This section aims at gathering additional contributions to the documentation. Please feel free to create your account on this website and request the wiki contributor access to the [[contacts#​how_to_contribute|OAR team]], if you would like to help with the content.//​ 
 +  * Installation of OAR 
 +    * [[wiki:​Using OAR on Debian based systems]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​Using OAR on Redhat based systems]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​oar-docker|Building a virtual cluster using Docker]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​oar-vagrant|Testing OAR's installation using Vagrant]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​Example of setup with OAR energy saving mechanism]] 
 +  * Configuration 
 +      * [[wiki:​customization_tips|Some customization tips]] 
 +      * [[wiki:​Green computing]] 
 +  * Database management 
 +    * [[wiki:​Migration from a Mysql to a PostgreSQL database]] 
 +    * [[wiki:How to handle a bigger and bigger OAR database]] 
 +  * Resources setup 
 +    * [[wiki:​Using Hyperthreading on nodes]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​managing_resources_cpu_gpu|Managing resources (CPU, GPU, ...)]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​Multi-cluster with priority]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​disk_reservation|Coupling disk and compute resources]] 
 +  * Job admission rules 
 +    * [[wiki:​Custom admission rules]] 
 +    * [[wiki:Some examples of admission rules]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​Developing admission rules]] 
 +  * Job types 
 +    * [[wiki:Job types|More info on job types]] 
 +  * User interface and APIs 
 +    * [[wiki:​todos:​Use OAR Restful API with FastCGI and Ident on CentOS6]] 
 +    * [[wiki:OAR DRMAA interface]] 
 +  * Administration tasks 
 +    * [[wiki:​Useful commands and administration tasks]] 
 +  * Job execution 
 +    * [[wiki:Job event notifications]] 
 +    * [[wiki:An equivalent to Slurm'​s srun for OAR]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​CRIU|Using CRIU for the job checkpointing]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​coupling oarsh_with_gnu_parallel_to_mimic_salloc_srun|Coupling oarsh with GNU Parallel]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​gvirt|gvirt - make OAR jobs execute code in VMs]] 
 +  * Misc 
 +    * [[wiki:​Testing]] 
 +    * [[wiki:Use cases and user tips]] 
 +    * [[wiki:​About the General Data Protection Regulation]]  
 +====== External documentations ======
-===== Important note =====+//This section lists documentations of platforms which use OAR as their resources and tasks manager, and provides documentation pages for usage of OAR (to their users).
-Please understand that the documentations provided here, even the **users** documentationtargets administrators of OAR, but not final users. +**Warning:** these documentations have platform specific informationwhich may not be relevant for other OAR installations ​(OAR is very customizable !).//
-Since OAR allows many customizations making any installation very specific, **users of an infrastructure ​(e.g. a HPC cluster) managed by OAR are advised to refer to the documentation of that infrastructure** (may it be very close or link to the documentation provided here).+
 +  * Igrida'​s tutorial: http://​igrida.gforge.inria.fr/​tutorial.html
 +  * Grid'​5000'​s documentation:​
 +    * https://​www.grid5000.fr/​w/​Advanced_OAR
 +    * https://​www.grid5000.fr/​w/​Unmaintained:​OAR2 (Grid'​5000 account required, page is deprecated)
 +    * https://​www.grid5000.fr/​mediawiki/​index.php/​OAR2_use_cases (Grid'​5000 account required, page is deprecated)
 +  * ULHPC'​s documentation: ​
 +    * https://​hpc.uni.lu/​users/​docs/​oar.html
 +    * https://​hpc.uni.lu/​users/​docs/​scheduler.html
 +  * Ciment'​s tutorial: https://​ciment.ujf-grenoble.fr/​wiki/​index.php/​OAR_tutorial
 +//Please let us know ([[oar-users@lists.gforge.inria.fr]]) if you want to contribute to OAR by having the documentation of your platform referenced here as well ! It would be very welcome.//
 +====== Related tools documentations ====== ​
 +//This section lists some known companion tools for OAR, please fill free to [[mailto:​oar-users@gforge.inria.fr|let us know]] if you which us to add a tool you develop to that list.//
 +  * [[http://​kadeploy3.gforge.inria.fr/​|Kadeploy3]] is a efficient and scalable and reliable cluster deployment tool that can be coupled with OAR (deploy job type)
 +  * [[http://​taktuk.gforge.inria.fr/​|TakTuk]] is powerful parallel remote executions tool, with can be used in OAR.
 +  * [[http://​cigri.imag.fr/​|Cigri]] is a lightweight grid middle-ware designed to run on top of a set of OAR clusters to manage efficiently large sets of multi-parametric tasks (also called bag-of-tasks).
 +  * [[https://​www.gnu.org/​software/​parallel|GNU Parallel]] car run batch of parallel tasks in a OAR job.
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