How can I submit a moldable job?

You just have to use several “-l” oarsub option (one for each moldable description). By default the OAR scheduler will launch the moldable job which will end first.

So you can see some free resources but the scheduler can decide to start your job later because they will have more free resources and the job walltime will be smaller.

How can I submit a job with a non uniform description?


oarsub -I -l '{switch="sw1" or switch="sw5"}/switch=1+/node=1'

This example asks OAR to reserve all resources from the switch sw1 or the switch sw2 and a node on another switch.

You can see the “+” syntax as a sub-reservation directive.

Can I perform a fix scheduled reservation and then launch several jobs in it?

Yes. You have to use the OAR scheduler “timesharing” feature. To use it, the reservation and your further jobs must be of the type timesharing (only for you).


  1. Make your reservation:

    oarsub -r "2006-09-12 8:00:00" -l /switch=1 -t 'timesharing=user,*'

    This command asks all resources from one switch at the given date for the default walltime. It also specifies that this job can be shared with himself and without a constraint on the job name.

  2. Once your reservation has begun then you can launch:

    oarsub -I -l /node=2,walltime=0:50:00 -p 'switch="'scheduled_switch_name'\
    -t 'timesharing=user,*'

    So this job will be scheduled on nodes assigned from the previous reservation.

The “timesharing” oarsub command possibilities are enumerated in Timesharing.

How can a checkpointable job be resubmitted automatically?

You have to specify that your job is idempotent and exit from your script with the exit code 99. So, after a successful checkpoint, if the job is resubmitted then all will go right and there will have no problem (like file creation, deletion, ...).


oarsub --checkpoint 600 --signal 2 -t idempotent /path/to/prog

So this job will send a signal SIGINT (see man kill to know signal numbers) 10 minutes before the walltime ends. Then if everything goes well and the exit code is 99 it will be resubmitted.

How to submit a non disturbing job for other users?

You can use the besteffort job type. Thus your job will be launched only if there is a hole and will be deleted if another job wants its resources.


oarsub -t besteffort /path/to/prog